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We are Beach Tennis Barcelona Club, ​​a Club led by a team of beach tennis lovers with the aim of promoting this sport in Barcelona and throughout Catalonia. Our aim is to increase the number of both, amateur and professional players. A passionate volunteer work from all BTB Club staff is what makes it possible to be the reference entity in beach tennis in Catalonia and to a large extent in Spain.


We want to extend our passion for this sport among citizens and at the same time position Barcelona as an international reference point on beach tennis. We understand that both lines are necessary for the future of beach tennis, to grow the mass of players and at the same time professionalize this sport.

In addition, we believe and work to make this sport great by being consistent with our values ​​and principles, which mark every activity we develop. That's why all our tournaments fall under the umbrella  of the ITF beach tennis tour, in all of them we rely on quality, we fight against sexist stereotypes and we encourage interaction with our environment and with supportive and sustainable initiatives, so that all of them have room.

That being said, we wish you a really good 2021 tournament which was organized with love and enthusiasm to make you all fall in love!

See you soon at the beach and for any more information you can check 

Our tournaments 2018-2017: Surveys

survey ITF2500 2017
Survey ITF$0 Circuit Platges de BCN (3rd event)
Survey ITF$0 Circuit Platges de BCN (2nd event)
Survey ITF$0 Circuit Platges de BCN (1st event)
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